RCA 05 Symphonix digital sound amplifier refurbished

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The device is like new! Returns were technically checked, all hygienic parts exchanged for new ones.

The sound amplifier has been developed so that you can communicate better in different situations and noise levels: In large crowds, on busy streets, in the office, in the theatre, in noisy restaurants or on television. The RCA 05 Symphonix is virtually invisible, weighs less than 5g, is comfortable and discreet. 

The Anti-Distortion Technology amplifies quiet sounds without amplifying sudden loud noises such as aircraft noise. The RCA 05 Symphonix has three preset volumes and noise reduction functions for different environments.

The RCA 05 Symphonix comes with small and medium-sized earpieces. The supplied A312 battery lasts 7-14 days for situational use of the PSA. 

The RCA 05 Symphonix helps you communicate.

  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • Consists of high-quality components
  • Virtually invisible, high wearing comfort even for spectacle wearers
  • Can be applied to the left and right
  • Easy to purchase: does not require a visit to an acoustician or doctor
  • 3 preset volumes, noise suppression for different environments
  • Uses a standard A312 button cell (included in delivery)
  • HD digital processing
  • 1 year limited warranty



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RCA Symphonix Cleaning and Care Kit for Model 05 and 10 RCA Symphonix Cleaning and Care Kit for Model 05 and 10
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