About us

About us

Claratone Germany was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of RS Audio AG, based in Meilen near Zurich, with the aim of marketing high-quality, non-medical hearing products. Claratone Germany now sells the FocusEar (manufacturer is one of the most renowned hearing aid companies in the USA - Persona Medical )and RCA Symphonix hearing aid amplifiers exclusively in Europe, and in cooperation with our distribution partners and suppliers we are building a European network for our customers under the name Claratone, specializing in the distribution of technologically advanced products and accessories. 


Claratone provides people across Europe with a new listening experience and improved communication. For those who do not yet need a hearing aid, Claratone offers preset, non-medical personal sound amplifier products that meet the highest quality standards at an unbeatable price.

A large proportion of the over 60 million people in Europe suffer from presbyacusis, the age-related hearing loss that first affects conversations in noisy environments. Most of these people do not have a hearing aid.

Now there is a simple solution for those who want to spice up their hearing in certain situations: Looking for an affordable, discreet and modern high-tech product with an appealing design.

Uncomplicated access to hearing technology

For many people, high-quality hearing aids are too expensive and cumbersome to purchase. In addition, many people simply do not feel ready for a hearing aid. Hearing problems are still associated with the image of aging. Fashion-conscious people in particular would like to hide visual and physical "flaws". However, while "grey hair" has no detrimental effect on the health of the body, untreated hearing loss leads to accelerated progressive hearing loss.

All these people want a situational, stress-free, technologically high-quality solution that is pleasant to use, affordable, simple and quick to obtain!


Quality standards

Only the best is good enough for us and our customers. Only after a Personal Sound Amplifier product has undergone and passed our stringent internal testing procedures do we include it in our range. We attach great importance to the highest technical standards, modern design, easy handling and a good price.